Welcome to the University of Regina Teaching Resources WikiTo be used in conjunction with workshops and seminars related to teaching and learning.

During the Fall 2011 semester CTL will be offering a certificate course for instructors. This course is named ED 890: Teaching and Learning in Higher Education. Go here for more information.

In the Fall 2011 semester CTL will also be offering other programs, workshops and seminars related to teaching and learning. This wiki is intended as a resource for all CTL initiatives. Please visit the CTL site for more information about programs, seminars and workshops; also check out the Events page for a schedule of upcoming activities..

In August 2010 CTL offered a two-day "Course Re-Visioning" workshop and the "Summer Institute for New Faculty." Both these initiatives engaged participants in thinking about ways to enhance their teaching/learning environments, and, more immediately, to get ready for teaching in the very near future. It offers instructors a community, set apart for a few days, to focus on teaching and learning, a community within which people can share ideas, collaborate with other instructors, and develop friendships and collegial relationships that go far beyond the program.

This wiki was also used in conjunction with the University of Malawi Polytechnic TEVET Reform Project (WBS 310 and 370)--the Curriculum Technical Mission to Canada, September 20-24, and October 4-15, 2010.

Wordle: Teaching and Learning

Click the image to view a larger version of the "Wordle" created by Summer Institute 2010 participants.
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